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Africa National Parks

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African National Parks Virtual Tours Can Help

The African continent has some of the best National Park in the world and because there are so many of them (402 at last count) it can be difficult to choose if you ever decide to pay any a visit. Take a look at the virtual tours below by clicking on the icon to help with your decision making.

360 Virtual Tour Icon Kruger National Park

One of the most popular and accessible places in Africa to see a huge variety of wildlife

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And Lodge Footage
& Live Webcams

360 Virtual Tour Icon Etosha National Park

Unique landscape and lots of wildlife spotting opportunities at more than 40 waterholes

360° Safari Footage
& Live Webcam

360 Virtual Tour Icon Gorongosa National Park

A Mozambique wildlife restoration, rewilding and community development success story

360° Safari Footage

360 Virtual Tour Icon Masai Mara National Reserve

This reserve is ranked as one of the top five areas to go on an African Safari

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and Lodge Footage

360 Virtual Tour Icon Serengeti National Park

View The Serengeti National Park Wildebeest Migration In 360°

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and Lodge Footage

360 Virtual Tour Icon Chobe National Park

This is one of the best places in Africa to watch large elephant herds in water

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And Lodge Footage
& Live Webcam

360 Virtual Tour Icon South Luangwa National Park

An unspoilt wilderness destination that is a diamond in the rough for safari travel

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And Lodge Footage
& Live Webcam

360 Virtual Tour Icon Hwange National Park

Get to see the big five without the crowds in this off the beaten track park

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Africa National Parks

How Many Africa National Parks Are There?

There are a total of 402 National Parks in Africa spread out over 54 different countries.

The Oldest African National Park

The Virungu National Park in the Democratic Republic Of Congo is Africa's oldest having been established in 1925. It was then called the Albert National Park but the name was changed to Virungu in 1969.

There are game reserves and protectorates that are older, but this was the first National Park.

The Best National Parks To Safari In

This can be a subjective list but it's generally accepted in the safari industry that some of the best places to go on a safari are: Serengeti National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kruger National Park, Etosha National Park and Chobe National Park.

Who Owns And Runs Them

National Parks are mostly owned by the state and run by the government in each respective country so they tend to have basic accommodation and services. Many also contain privately owned and managed lodges and camps that provide more luxurious amenities.

Which Are The Biggest?

The top three by area in square kilometres (sq miles) are the Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia - 49 768 ㎢ (30 924 ㎡), the Gilf Kebir National Park in Egypt - 48 533 ㎢ (30 157 ㎡) and the Longa-Mavinga National Park in Angola - 46 076 ㎢ (28 630 ㎡).

Which Park Gets The Most Visitors

The Kruger National Park in South Africa takes the top spot for most visitors registering an astonishing 1.8 million in 2017. Of that total approximately 80% were South African citizens.

Which Country Has The Most

The top five African countries with the most national parks are Kenya - 24, Ethiopia - 22, South Africa - 21, Zambia - 20 and Madagascar - 20.

Why National Parks Are Important In Africa

They have an incredibly important conservation function, not only preserving and protecting the ecosystem, landscape and wildlife in the area as best they can, but also providing a livelihood for some of the local residents.