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Gorongosa National Park

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A wildlife restoration, rewilding and community development success story

Gorongosa National Park In Mozambique

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360 Virtual Tour Icon Gorongosa Introduction By Cinematographer Bob Poole

This renowned wildlife photographer and TV host spent two years living in Gorongosa National Park and gives a wonderful virtual tour of what it's like there.

Key Moments In This 360° Video
Bob Poole Introduction
Chitengo Warthogs
E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Laboratory
Pungwe River
Sand Forest
Matabele Ants
Sungwe Flood Plain
Sungwe Pride Lions
Gorongosa Redefines Conservation

This National Park is building a new conservation model that not only protects and preserves the wildlife, but also develops and uplifts the local community, including woman.

Key Moments In This Video
Dominique Gonçalves Introduction
Park Warden Pedro Muagura
Gorongosa History
Elephant Tracking
Female Ranger
Lion Pride
Larissa Sousa, Education Manager
Elephant Bull & Herd
Helicopter Flight
'Gorongosa, Don't Cry...'
Facts About

Gorongosa National Park

Animals Found Here

Lion, elephant, wild dog, sable, eland, greater kudu, waterbuck, nyala, lichtenstein’s hartebeest, blue wildebeest, impala, bushbuck, reedbuch, oribi, duiker, hippo, crocodile and pangolin are some of the species resident in the park.

Birds are also plentiful. 339 different species have been recorded in the area, including the Green Headed Oriole with white panels on its wings, found only on Mount Gorongosa.

How To Get There

To get there by air, international visitors can catch a flight directly from Johannesburg O.R. Tambo airport in South Africa to Beira, or connect through Maputo and continue on to Beira or to Chimoio from there.

From Beira it's a 3 hour drive by car to Gorongosa and from Chimoio, 2 hours.


The Montebelo Gorongosa Lodge located in Chitengo Camp has several accommodation options to use: Premium Villa, Standard Villa, Premium Bungalow, Standard Bungalow and Garden Rooms.

There is also a campsite situated in a grove of trees set away from the main lodge.

National Park Info

Gorongosa Coffee

The coffee bean is shade grown by local farmers on mount Gorongoso with 100% of the profits going to the Gorongosa Trust, which funds the parks human development and conservation activities.

The coffee is organic and not only qualifies as fair trade but also regenerative trade. The roasting partners are based in Boise, Idaho and Bath, UK.

Gorongosa Restoration Project

This National Park was established in 1960 and contained vast numbers of wildlife (In 1972 nearly 30,000 large herbivores were counted), but the civil war in Mozambique lasting 15 years laid waste to the area with almost all the animals destroyed.

But in the mid-2000s the US-based Carr Foundation entered into a public-private partnership with the Mozambican government to rehabilitate the area, and one of the most successful African National Park restoration projects to date was born.

Wildcam Gorongosa

Camera traps placed in strategic areas around the park to allow scientists to monitor and study animal populations form part of the wildcam initiative.

They are battery operated cameras that can be strapped to a tree and use motion sensors to photograph anything that moves in front of them.