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Amazing 360° virtual tour videos and live webcams of the best national parks worldwide. See where the tours/webcams are located on the map below and click on the icon to watch them.

Some Advantages of 360° National Parks Virtual Tours

Game Drives

360° game drive videos allow you to scroll around to any part of the scene you choose, so you get a much more comprehensive and immersive idea of what the wildlife experience was really like. It's as close as possible to being there yourself.

360° Video Footage Makes A Wonderful Souvenir

You've been to a specific national park in the past and had a fantastic time. Now relive and rekindle those memories again by watching a virtual tour of your trip. These 360° national park souvenirs make an excellent memento of your experience because it's so immersive, and you can share it with friends and family to give them an idea of what it was really like.

Relaxation, Tranquillity, Revitalization

Have you ever noticed how nature has a wonderful way of relaxing and revitalising you?

It's an amazing tonic to the stress that living in the modern world can generate. Watching and listening (the audio is important) to immersive nature themed national park virtual tours and live webcams can have the same effect, all from the comfort of your own home.

Brings Out The Best In Landscapes

A normal flat photograph struggles to do justice to a landscape scene, it just never seems to capture the essence of the area as it really is.

But 360° videos and photographs do a much better job because you can capture the whole scene at once, rather than just a small portion of it.


These National Parks virtual tours create awareness of wilderness areas worldwide, and the more people that know about and experience these wonderful places, the more they will be motivated to visit and conserve them.

You Are In Control

It's like you are the camera person yourself, because you can change the perspective of the scene in a 360° video or photograph to look wherever you want. So you get to decide what and where to view at any time.

Travel Planning

They are a wonderful way to find out more details about a destination you're planning to visit.

They provide a much more 'honest' overview than normal videos or photographs because you can see the whole scene rather than just the perspective the photographer wants you to see. So then you can focus on exactly what is important to you for your trip.

360 Virtual Tour Icon North America

Yellowstone, Katmai and Wapusk National Parks...

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360 Virtual Tour Icon Africa

Kruger, Etosha, Masai Mara, Serengeti, Chobe, Gorongosa, South Luangwa and Hwange National Parks...

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360 Virtual Tour Icon South America

Pantanal Matogrossense, Galapagos and Peninsula Valdes National Parks...

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360 Virtual Tour Icon Europe

Abisko and Spitsbergen National Parks...

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360 Virtual Tour Icon Australasia

Kakadu and Kangaroo Island National Parks...

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How To Watch

Staycation Safari 360° Videos

You don't need a headset

You can watch 360° videos on any mobile phone or PC without using a headset.

Pause and Rewind 360° Videos

Rewatch the scene from a different perspective by pausing or rewinding and then scrolling to look in a new direction.

Adjust The Quality

The playback quality is set to auto by default but you can set it manually (click on the gear icon) to 2160s (4K), 1440s (HD), 1080s (HD), 720s, 480s, 360s, 240s, 144s. So if the video is not sharp try and improve it by choosing a higher setting.

360 virtual watch

Look Around The Whole Scene

You can look in any direction just by moving your phone or using your mouse controller.

Zoom In and Out

You can even zoom in on any part of the scene for a closer look and then zoom out again for the larger perspective.

You Are In Control

Perspective, zoom and direction, you call the shots. Literally!