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Get More Clients

360° video souvenirs generate new clients for you in several ways, here are the five main ones...

1. When your clients get their own personalized 360° video souvenir they often share it with their family and friends, giving invaluable exposure to your company.

2. By posting your own 360° game drive videos, with your guides footage included, on all your own media channels, you broadcast your companies competence on a global scale.

3. Highlight of your 360° videos will also be added to social media channels and website to reach a wide audience worldwide.

4. The guide in the video gets added to the Top Safari Guides list and website which can generate new enquiries.

5. Your company gets added exposure through reviews posted on the safari reviews website - African Safari Journals.

New Income Stream

You can also develop a brand new income stream by promoting these 360° souvenirs to your clients, because you can decide the price at which you want to sell it to them. They pay you when placing an order and you pay to edit, compile and deliver the final product, which we are experts at doing.

In addition, if the content you captured is suitably original and unique, you can also earn income from it by syndicating it to third parties who will pay to be able to display your video on their media channels.

Get Added To The Top Safari Guide List

The guides commentary is included on the video souvenir, so it makes sense to tell people a little more about the guide and their qualifications and experience. has a sister website called where many of the top guides are listed. A free page is created for your guide there, which can be linked to from your 360° travel video souvenir, so that viewers can find out more about the guide and your company.

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Build Your Brand Globally

For national park travel and tours, your audience is global, so you need a vehicle that will alow you to build your brand planet wide. 360° travel video souvenirs allow you to do this very effectively because each time somebody views the footage your brand is re-enforced in their minds.

Enhance Client Experience

You can enhance your clients experience considerably by making these souvenirs available to them. People love getting keepsakes that remind them of their trip and these can also be shared with family and friends, making them even more valuable to your customers.

Explode Your Social Media Presence

Video is one of the fastest growing categories when it comes to social media engagement, people just love watching them especially when they contains something new and original.

And if you provide a steady stream of original video content places like Youtube and Facebook will reward you algorithmically with new subscribers and likes. Viewers will also be more willing to share your video and increase the chances that it may go viral.

Stand Out From Your Competition

These 360° video souvenirs are a unique and original development by (2022), there is nothing else like this in the market. So if you make them available to your clients you will have the edge over your competitors who don't use them yet.

Add Reviews For Your Company

After watching your 360° video, some people may want to find out more about your company, and past client reviews are a wonderful and trustworthy way to inform them. has a sister website called, which was one of the first safari review websites, created way back in 2003, and it has received millions of visitors over the years. So you are welcome to add your past client reviews for free to link to from your video.

Example Of A

360° Video Souvenir

Personalized For Each Client

When the client requests a 360° souvenir video of their trip, the footage that they themselves took (video or photographic) gets added to the 360° video in the relevant place, making it unique and personalized to them.

Personalized For Your Own Social Media Channels

In addition, your guides footage (video or photographic) is added to the 360° video and you can then upload this to your companies social media channels like Youtube and Facebook, to expand your brand and new client reach.

Watch On Any Device

It's a big advantage of 360° videos that they can be viewed using any current device like a mobile phone, tablet, pc and laptop. It's also possible to watch using a VR headset which provides the optimal immersive experience, but that's optional.

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